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Indian Village or Village In India :


Indian Village

Village in India – A gem of the world from centuries, at present and will be in the future, the term village might be considered as people with fewer opportunities, but in Bharat, the village can be termed as “Heaven” nothing less than that at any cost.

Publishers have always tried to image it very backward and futile just because the Real Indian Culture lies totally in it.
The Soul (HEART) of BHARAT lies in it.

Witnessed Clip of a Village in India:-

Before we begin, a very short clip of a small village of Gujarat state with a 360-degree view from the top of the village –
Still, the camera is nothing in front of the 576-megapixel natural camera (eyes).

Village In India | The A to Z detailed researched information.

Basic History and Science of Bharatiya/Indian Villages:

India is also known as the land of Gurus (Teachers),

Land of Great Culture, Golden Land, Scientific Culture, (Land of advanced Technology as seen in old temples), etc, from centuries,

It was because of its Culture which continued in blood for ages and was well managed for centuries just because the nation as a whole functioned in segments known as Villages.

India lies in Village

With a Heaven like lifestyle, and is no joke if you practically witness it with your own eyes, though the struggle to farmers is always there,

the level of happiness is also none the less,

which can still be seen easily in most Indian Villages when you visit and stay at least for a few days and get involved with the people.

From the beginning of the Culturisation and Dharma,

till approximately two (2) centuries ago, the most advanced country in all aspects whether you consider it Sciences, Economics, etc was Bharat.

Proven by the Britishers themselves, this thing can be seen today in some parts of India as its reflection on the environment (joyful, most creative and peaceful) and engineering (architecture which no one even at present date can construct)

and can be witnessed in the notes written and quotes mentioned by British men while their invasion.

England National library is a famous place for finding these things out.

It was very difficult for invaders to change the wind of India because it was widely divided in only Villages,

where each village was self-sufficient in all aspects and they were connected widely, and it was the central part of the Indian culture too.

Before one-two centuries approximately,

the level of science was such that doctors were present in every village and treatment was based totally on Ayurveda with the highest capability of treatment ever,

And all treatments were done with a permanent solution.

The basics of Yoga were easily seen in their daily work and lifestyle which made them live more than 100 years easily as average life.

Everyone was connected with the supreme power who controlled the world and were able to understand and live with nature.

That eventually helped them discover the advanced perspective of self or self-realization easily and is noted by the historians as well.

By the entry of Cities, States, systems, the road to a declination of Physical Health of people, destruction and eye witnessing of Natural Beauty, etc started.

And the Natural Beauty was once the utmost feeling of happiness to experience daily in day to day life.


Starting to feel and understand the Indian Village in today’s time, means knowing real Bharat/India, knowing the Most advanced culture ever, feeling the utmost happiness one can ever in life.

These are the words naturally came out upon experience of hundreds of people all around the world,

and not my own witnessed picture of the Village of India.

And this thing you have to take as an opportunity for the new Unknown Generation of the world and India.

For you, to present the real India in front of you,

proudly we can say the real joy in the world, the true culture of Village presented in front of you.

Life of Village in India:

According to a survey (undisclosed name), more than 60% of people live with hard work plus extremely joyful life in the Indian Villages.

Still, it depends on how much the people of that particular village have upheld their culture (Indian Culture),

ethics and values are given to them by their ancestors in the form of Vedic Scriptures.

Village in India

People there don’t have a gym, they have fields to work on and serve the country, they don’t have a swimming pool instead they have the holy River.

The biggest reason for proper fitness, a very good healthy life, and a long life in the village people of India is also because their main occupation is Farming.

They always rely on proper organic food diets and

good air quality as Industrialization is way far away from the village causing less effect on natural systems, components, and pollution in the village.

People in the village have a great level of mutual understanding and helping nature for each other,

they are fully united in a way like the whole village is staying in one home like a family with a great bond which is very rare to see elsewhere in the world with soo many people.


men there often gather in the morning and evening at a central place of the village, and

women in each other houses in the evening as a guest.

Each family looks after the livestock, especially cows, buffalo, and horses in the backyard and also farming which makes them very busy,

The Indian Cow is considered as a mother to all people there having great scientific and logical reasons and is accepted by the world.

One great example of Indian Cows’ holiness can be seen in Brazil,

the statue of “Krishna Kumarsinhji Bhavsinhji” is at the Brazilian Parliament who helped Brazil by giving them Gir Gai/Cow now termed by them as Gyr cattle/Zebu breeds.

It led to the revolution of the country, its a very long story and therefore you can visit here for more info.

People of Indian Village are always in a state of 100+ IQ level and are one of the most intelligent beings because of their direct bond with mother nature.

They are always satisfied and joyful with life, and the utmost lifestyle with joy in the whole world can be experienced in Bharatiya/Indian Villages.

The new generation is completely unaware of the Indian culture and its happiness in Village

and that is the reason the infrastructure of the village is getting vanished day by day as people started moving in cities,

just because of a lack of awareness and wrong branding of township put by British men while the invasion of 200 years long or easily 2 generations long.

Houses in Indian Village:

India Villages

Firstly, knowing a bit of history for you is very important as there was the most advanced construction method which is lost nowadays,

Previously, Houses were constructed according to the economical condition of an individual, based upon it, there are two categories which were constructed before approximately 200 years,

one construction for the one who is lavish or middle class and the other one which is Lower middle class.

The High-grade/lavish/middle-class category of people constructed houses with Bricks and a mixture of milk and limestone’s in some proportion,

which kept houses intact for thousands of years, such construction technology is very rare today and can be seen in very few villages

but the houses can be seen easily in few villages with this technology.

The same technology was been used and is used in making forts due to which they are still and intact with the same strength while its build,

which are still and intact even after thousands of years.

The Average Life of Forts constructed with this technology is 5000 years for minute cracks to be seen and approx. 7000 years for the necessity to repair it widely.


Comparatively Currently:-

Today cement has been introduced by foreign powers to destroy Indian technology and is being used in making houses with the life span of hardly 50 years in total and cracks appearing from 10 years of span.

This action took place during foreign invasion (mainly Britishers) to sell their cement which is constructed with abundant harm to nature.

As it consumes a hell lot of underground water, electricity and raw materials for its construction which in turn creates a loss of underground water and much pollution.

After their Loot and destruction, the people were left with no choice rather to cement construction and Kacha Houses made with Natural Loose Raw Materials.

The lower category used to construct Kacha houses but now they too have to make a house with cement technology.

Then, there is a space (Backyard) for individual houses for Cow (known as GAI MATA), Buffalo, and machines like Tractor, etc.

The House arrangement is like separate bungalows, and not like a small building or so.

[TOOL] Village Map Of India and all village in India can be seen and found below:

All villages according to their state and union territory with location,
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With it, you can easily Find and Navigate Villages according to their respective states and union territories,

also, the side by side location according to the village selected is shown:-

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Education of Village in India:

Before a few hundred years, there was the Tapovan education system established for all individual villages in Gurukuls, and a system of education based on once interest was supported.

But, today, it’s all over, yes, even the Gurukuls are vanished and also the schools,

people have to migrate or send students in cities for quality education of their child and to stay with the flow of educating with the Marxist education system and forgetting our golden system by which India was the superpower for centuries.

There is also a strong belief in intellectuals and bureaucrats that this was also the reason for Destroying the concept of villages and self-dependency which was direct with nature.

Also, to destroy intellectually the people who were the kings of the world and with Lotus Head Knowledge by stopping further education which was by Gurukuls and Vedas,

done all for the profit of evil-minded people in the community and spreading destruction motivation in terms of religion.

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